Busisness Wales is Welsh Government’s business support service. The comprehensive bilingual website offers a wide range of resources to help businesses of all sizes to grow. The organisation also offers workshops and 1 to 1 support in Congl Meinciau occassionally.

Telephone: 01745 585 025
E-mail: northwales@businesswales.org.uk
Website: www.businesswales.gov.wales

Big Ideas Wales is part of Business Wales and they provide support to entrepreneurs to develop an awareness of the business sector and to help to develop their enterprise ideas. Big Ideas Wales provides information on the skills required to create a business and how to develop skills, learn about the relationship between the business and its customers, how to market the business and employ staff. In addition you can also receive support on starting a business on a part-time basis from home, and how to produce your ideas.

Telephone: 03000 603 000
Website: businesswales.gov.wales/bigideas

An interest free borrowing fund for Lleyn Peninsula people to start a new business or grow an existing business. The scheme is now open to people of all ages.

Telephone: 01766 514 057
E-mail: betsan@mentermon.com
Website: benesallyn.wordpress.com

The Development Bank of Wales was established by Welsh Government to support Wales’ economy by making it easier for businesses to get the funding required to start, strengthen and grow. It offers flexible finance for businesses in Wales ranging from £1,000 to £5million. Loans and equity. Secured and unsecured.

Telephone: 0800 587 4140
E-mail: Sion.wynne@developmentbank.wales
Website: developmentbank.wales

The Fund operates within the boundaries of Gwynedd Council and every business should have it’s operational centre or have a substantial number of full time permanent staff within Gwynedd’s boundaries. Eligibility is limited to businesses (including social enterprises) that are classed as Small and Medium Entreprises (SME).

The purpose of the loan is to create or develop a business and not to repay debts or other borrowings.

Small loans from the fund will be between £25k and £100k, with the opportunity to borrow larger amounts (Asset loan of up to £750k) as long as it is supported by warranty based on a good value asset (typically land and buildings).

Telephone: 01286 679 778
E-mail: busnes@gwynedd.gov.uk
Website: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/cy/Busnesau

Available to support businesses to make more use of Welsh in business. They can provide a tailored service to meet your requirements, offer practical advice and ideas and refer you to further relevant support.

The type of support available includes:

  • demonstrating how to offer more services to customers in Welsh
  • translation of signs, menus, social media messages and marketing materials – free
  • improving the use of Welsh between staff and customers
  • refer to learning providers who will improve Welsh skills at all levels
  • demonstrate how to recruite Welsh speakers and Welsh learners
  • assisting you to understand who the customers are and how Welsh can be important to them
  • offer support on how to promote and market the business amongst Welsh speakers
  • provision of bilingual goods such open and closed signs and badges showing that staff can, or are learning to speak Welsh.

Telephone: 01766 514 057
E-mail: paul@mentermon.com
Website: cymraeg.llyw.cymru

ReAct helps people affected by redundancy to learn new skills and it encourages employers who are recruiting to recruit unemployed workers.

Two packages are available to you if you offer a job to someone who has been made redundant:

  • Employer Recruitment Support pays employers who appoint individuals who lost their job in the past three months. This package offers up to £3,000 which is paid in four instalments as a contribution towards salary costs
  • Employer Training Support is a separate optional fund which offers up to £1,000 for an employer to use to pay training costs that are relevant to the post of the individual appointed.

The employer may choose to apply for Recruitment Support only or for Recruitment and Training Support. It is not possible to receive Training Support unless you have Recruitment Support also.

Telephone: 03000 255 888
E-mail: reactenquiries@gov.wales
Website: gov.wales/topics/educationandskills

Is your health affecting you at work?

RCS is a not-for-profit organisation which provides a range of services across North Wales to support people with health needs to find and sustain employment.

In Work Support Service:

  • Helps employed and self-employed people address health needs such as anxiety, low mood or back pain, in order to help them function more effectively at work. Includes one-to-one coaching and free and rapid access to talking therapies, counselling, CBT or physiotherapy.
  • Provides access to information and support with related issues such as benefits, debt counselling etc
  • Provides employers with free support and training to improve workplace wellbeing
  • Delivered across Conwy, Denbighshire, Anglesey and Gwynedd

Able Futures

  • Provides 9 months coaching and mentoring support for employed people with mental health needs
  • Includes access to free counselling
  • Delivered across North Wales

I Can Work

  • Provides specialist support to help people with mental health needs into employment.
  • Delivered across North Wales in partnership with CAIS.

All of our services are free of charge and confidential.  During lockdown, our services are available over the phone and on-line.

Phone: 01745 336442

Email: hello@rcs-wales.co.uk

Website: https://rcs-wales.co.uk/en/

Helo Blod is a fast and friendly Welsh translation and advice service to help you use more Welsh in your business or charity. And it’s free.

Helo Blod can translate up to 500 words into Welsh per month for your business, completely free of charge, with up to 10 requests for translation or text checking / enquiries per calendar month..

Translations are returned within 4 working days, or 1 working day if its 5 words or fewer!

Phone: 03000 25 88 88

Website: http://www.gov.wales/heloblod

If you farm, fish, process or sell Welsh food and drink and want to develop your business, Cywain can help.

How Cywain can help your business:

Cywain works with businesses that are focused on future growth.

Once Cywain have assessed your business needs, they can help your future growth by providing a number of services, including:

  • Introducing you to other businesses at our events, which bring together producers and buyers from across Wales
  • Putting you in touch with mentors, industry experts, food services suppliers and funding bodies that can help you take your business in new directions
  • Working with you on product and business development ideas, providing a ‘sounding board’ when you need it
  • Providing marketing and business strategy advice, from branding and social media to supply chain management and business plans
  • Helping you to navigate the regulatory ‘red tape’ that can sometimes obstruct those working in the food and drink industry
  • Giving you access to market research that can help to inform your business decisions
  • Helping your products to reach new markets
  • Designated Development Officer to talk you through your thoughts and ideas

Phone: 01745 770036

Email: cywain@menterabusnes.co.uk

Website: https://menterabusnes.cymru/cywain/en/

The Enterprise Hub provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge, guidance, inspiration and space to transform their idea into a successful business.

  • Services offered include:
  • co-working office spaces
  • a community of like-minded individuals to share ideas and offer encouragement
  • business advice
  • a range of educational/social events
  • Ffiws Makerspace
  • Miwtini business start-up programme.

And the best bit is, all of this is at no cost as a Hub member for at least 6 months!

Phone: 01248 858 070

Email: post@hwbmenter.cymru

Website: http://www.hwbmenter.cymru/